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The Story of the RIDGE Network

RIDGE Network is a group of engaged students, alumni, parents and community members who are dedicated to illuminating the issues impacting students & teachers in the Pennridge School District.  All who support our mission and goals, regardless of political affiliation are welcome.  Our primary goals are to defend ALL students' right to a safe and welcoming learning environment, guard against threats to fair & balanced curricula and encourage respectful community engagement. We embrace a strategy of empowering the community from the ground up, facilitating leadership and student volunteer opportunities, data driven decision making and advocating for changes with a real impact.  Get in touch to learn more about our mission and join our cause today.

Together we will #savepennridge


Our Team

Lauren Bradley, Pennridge Parent & Community Member

Laura Foster, Pennridge Parent & Community Member

Adrienne King, Pennridge Parent & Community Member 

Robin Reid, Pennridge Alumni & Community Member 

For questions or media inquiries, contact us at

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