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Protest Signs

Huge Turnout at RIDGE Network Rally

Concerned members of the Pennridge School District gathered for a rally ahead of Wednesday night's school board meeting. A plan to address several topics of contention has many concerned. READ MORE


Race Matters: RIDGE Network

Community members in Pennridge School District held a demonstration prior to the May School Board meeting. Race Matters caught up with the organizers of the event; Lauren Bradley, Laura Foster, and Adrienne King of the PairUP Society, and asked them for an in-depth interview to shed some light on why they felt the need to come together and make their collective voice heard in this manner, at this time. READ MORE


Pennridge is a Mess, if you're not careful your school district could be too.   

Here from RIDGE Network co-founder Lauren Bradley. READ MORE

Illuminating the Issues

The RIDGE Network strives to illuminate the issues impacting students, teachers and our schools overall. 

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